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Acta Neurochirurgica




Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Tiit Mathiesen

The journal "Acta Neurochirurgica" publishes papers dealing with clinical neurosurgery - diagnosis and diagnostic techniques, operative surgery and results, postoperative treatment - or with research work in neuroscience where underlying questions or results are of neurosurgical interest.

The official journal of the European Association of Neurosurgical Societies

Documenta Ophthalmologica




Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Pierre LaChapelle

Associate Editors: Michael Bach, Mineo Kondo, Carol Westall, Suresh Viswanathan

The purpose of the journal is to promote the understanding and application of clinical electrophysiology of vision. The journal publishes reviews, research articles, technical notes, brief reports and case studies which inform the readers about basic and clinical sciences related to visual electrodiagnosis and means to improve diagnosis and clinical management of patients using visual electrophysiology.

The official journal of ISCEV (International Society for Clinical and Electrophysiology of Vision)


Graefe’s Archive for Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology




Editors-in-Chief: Prof. Antonia Joussen and Prof. David Wong

Associate Editors: Sarah Coupland, H. Simonsz


A distinguished international journal that presents original clinical reports and clinically relevant experimental studies. Founded in 1854 by Albrecht von Graefe to serve as a source of useful clinical information and a stimulus for discussion, the journal has published articles by leading ophthalmologists and vision research scientists for more than a century. With peer review by an international Editorial Board and prompt English-language publication, "Graefe's Archive" provides rapid dissemination of clinical and clinically related experimental information.

The official journal of:

Club Jules Gonin

(DOG) Deutsche Ophthalmologische Gesellschaft (German Society of Ophthalmology)

(ISOT) International Society of Ocular trauma

Sleep and Breathing




Editors-in-Chief: Dr. Arn Eliasson, Dr. Fernanda Almeida, Dr. Thomas Penzel

Associate Editors:

Martin Burtscher

Michael Coppola

Fang Han

Christopher Lettieri

Joachim Maurer

Vincent Mysliwiec

Indra Narang

Thomas Penzel

Olivier Vanderveken

The journal aims to reflect the state of the art in the international science and practice of sleep medicine. It is based on the recognition that management of sleep disorders requires a multi-disciplinary approach and diverse perspectives. The initial focus of Sleep and Breathing is on timely and original studies that collect, intervene, or otherwise inform all clinicians and scientists in medicine, dentistry and oral surgery, otolaryngology, and epidemiology on the management of the upper airway during sleep.


Furthermore, Sleep and Breathing endeavors to bring readers cutting edge information about all evolving aspects of common sleep disorders or disruptions, such as insomnia and shift work. The journal includes not only patient studies, but also studies that emphasize the principles of physiology and pathophysiology or illustrate potentially novel approaches to diagnosis and treatment. In addition, the journal features articles that describe patient-oriented and cost-benefit health outcomes research. Thus, with peer review by an international Editorial Board and prompt English-language publication, Sleep and Breathing provides rapid dissemination of clinical and clinically related scientific information. But it also does more: it is dedicated to making the most important developments in sleep disordered breathing easily accessible to clinicians who are treating sleep apnea by presenting well-chosen, well-written, and highly organized information that is useful for patient care.

The official journal of :

Australasian Academy of dental Sleep Medicine (Aust ASDM

British Society of Dental Sleep Medicine (BSDSM)

European Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (EADSM)

Japanese Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (JADSM)

Korean Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine (KADSM)

Health Policy and Planning




Published in association with The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicne

Editors: Sandra Mounier-Jack, Virginia Wiseman

Section Editors:

Jo Borghi


Lucy Gilson

James Hargreaves

Joanna Schellenberg

Bruno Marchal

Mylene Lagarde

Mishal Khan

Jeremy Shiffman

Kabir Sheikh

Jayne Webster

Associate Editors:


Beverly Esseue

Yusra Shawar

The aim of the journal is to improve the design and implementation of health policies in low- and middle-income countries through providing a forum for publishing high quality research and original ideas, for an audience of policy and public health researchers and practitioners. HPP is published eight times a year.

 International Ophthalmology




Editor in Chief:

Dr. P. Neri

Section Editors





M. Takeuchi


B. Yazici





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