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Medical Writing:

Online resource for Springer Journals

An excellent new free resource for editors, translators, writing instructors, authors -- courtesy of Springer.



Intelligent Editing specialise in software for editors, proofreaders and other professionals. Their online consistency checker is free to use and quickly locates consistency errors in documents:



European Association of Medical Writers (EMWA) http://www.emwa.org

This organization holds annual meetings twice per year with an education programme in medical writing.

The site has a list of freelance medical writers worldwide.

International Society of Managing and Technical Editors (ISMTE) http://www.ismte.org

This organisation holds annual meetings twice per year in America and the UK.

Medical Writers:


San Francisco Edit

The editors at San Francisco Edit are M.D. and Ph.D. scientists with considerable experience in writing and editing theses, grant proposals, and manuscripts submitted for publication in peer-reviewed journals. Our editors are native English speakers and will edit and polish your manuscript as needed so it presents your research in the best possible manner. This includes correcting the English grammar, style, vocabulary, and flow, and ensuring that it meets the guidelines of the targeted journal. We also make comments and suggestions regarding aspects of the manuscript that need improvement.

Homepage: http://www.sfedit.net


S.M. Health Communications

S.M. Health Communications has 30 years of experience editing, copyediting, and proofreading clinical reviews, original medical research articles, health economic evaluations, and health policy manuscripts, S.M. Health Communications combines comprehensive editorial services, broad health care knowledge, and helpful insight to optimize our clients' chance of acceptance through the peer review process.

Contact details: Stanton R. Mehr

Homepage: www.smhealthcom.com


Phone: + 001-(845) 641-7011


Physical Evidence:

Physical Evidence specialises in translation and medical writing of papers from Spanish to English

Homepage: www.physicalevidence.es/english/welcome/





Medical Translators:



Anne Bartz 

Languages: English/Italien

E-Mail: anne-bartz@freenet.de


Nasreen Hoque  

Languages: German/English


Lingoleaf Language Services

Our aim is to provide a professional language translation and proofreading service, tailored to suit your specific language requirements. As well as offering a range of English language services, we specialise in translating, proofreading and copy-editing the following foreign languages: Danish, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.


For all enquiries relating to French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish language assignments, please contact:

Anne Heining

Based in London, UK



 Tel: +44 (0)7796 681 508+44 (0)7796 681 508


 Fax: +44 (0)20 7603 5769

Email: anne@lingoleaf.com

For enquiries relating to Danish, Finnish, German, Norwegian and Swedish language assignments, please contact:

Josefin Skullbacka

Based in Glasgow, UK

Tel: +44 (0)7775 693 747+44 (0)7775 693 747

Fax: +44 (0)20 7603 5769

Email: josefin@lingoleaf.com


Medical Transcribers:

Transcribe UK

Ada Galloway

E-Mail: ada@transcribeuk.co.uk




Tel 01560 486 65201560 486 652




 Mob 07966 478 49107966 478 491


 Web: http:// www.transcribeuk.co.uk




 Guidelines/Information re Biomedical Journals:



 The International committee of medical journal editors: http://www.icmje.org

Council of Science Editors: http://www.councilscienceeditors.org

European Association of Science Editors: http://www.ease.org.uk







http://www.quietsleep.com : A site for patients and dentists interested in oral appliances therapy for snoring and sleep apnea

http://eyecancer.com: A site for patients battling with eye cancer

http://www.moving24.de : If you are relocating anywhere in the world this site may be useful.

http://www.theglasgowguitarstudio.co.uk A site which has developed "Wendys Strings" for children/adults with additional needs who are unable to see clearly but who wish to learn and play the guitar


http://www.biochannelpartners.com    A company which sources and locates capacity and distributive channels and manufacturing facilities for clients in the life sciences and has excellent connections internationally

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